You Are In My Heart (你在我心中)

Recording date: 3/4/2008








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Lyrics  歌詞


*English translation courtesy of HKShip. Thank you!


词/王文元    曲/井上忠夫

You promised you would definitely return to see me

Do you know that I long to see you everyday

Do not forget that you have promised
The deep love you have for me

Hope that you will soon return
And let me regain yesterday's affection

请你留下不再远离 听我说句真心的话
Please stay and not part again
Hear what I have to say

在我的心中多么爱你 但愿我也在你的心里
How much love I have of you in my heart
Hope that you feel the same about me

Remember every bit of what I have said

And treasure the sweet time we have together

忘掉那别离时候 我俩的痛苦寂寞
Forget that parting time
The bitter loneliness we share

也请你千万不要 狠心把我忘记
Please do not ever
Forget about me with a cold heart

请你留下不要走 我是那样真心爱你
Please stay and not leave
I love you so very dearly

在我的心中永远爱你 但愿我也在你心里
In my heart I love you forever
Hope that you feel the same about me

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