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Hello, this is Yuquan (Sabrina) Chen, thank you very much for visiting my website!

I enjoy singing. Singing is a major part of my life. For most of my life, I was especially fond of Teresa Teng (Deng, Lijun
邓丽君). I sang mostly her songs until I met a master James Sia at the beginning of 2012 who changed how I sang. After some limited training from him via webcam, I geared toward my own style instead of mimicking Teresa.

The following is my personal profile, through which you may gain the first impression about me. If you would like to get to know me more, please continue to navigate different categories and browse all the pages. There are some home recordings, and my beautiful photos.

I truly hope that your visiting my website brings you a whole new feeling of peace and happiness.


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Recent recordings: 港町絶唱 (Port Town Eternal Farewell)  06/24/2017
  L'un part et l'autre reste (One Goes, the Other One Stays)  11/08/2016
  恋人よ (Lover)  11/11/2015
  抱きしめて (Hold Me Tight)  05/06/2015
  爱走了 心碎了 (Love is Gone Heart is Broken)  02/14/2015
  Evanescence Hello  09/29/2014
  她的背影 Beta  05/20/2014
  わかって下さい (Do You Know)  02/24/2014
  不了情 (Endless Love, Beta)  12/23/2013
  Love in Madison County (マディソン郡の恋)  07/29/2013
  Secret Love (秘恋)  06/15/2013
  痴痴地等  02/09/2013
  Akai Hana (红花)  11/12/2012
  问 (Ask)  06/24/2012
  Ai no Mama de (Remains in Love)  04/09/2012
  Presentiment of Parting (別れの予感)  02/06/2012
  On the Other Side of the Horizon  12/29/2011
  You Are The Only One In My Heart  8/13/2011




Recording Equipment


Hardware: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 Processor
Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic
Studio Projects VTB-1 Mic PreAmp
Studio Projects C1 Condense Mic
Shure SM58 Vocal Mic
Audio Technica ATH-M40fs Headphone
Software: Windows Vista 64bits   >:(
Cakewalk Sonar Home Studio 4
Cakewalk Sonar Producer 7
Ulead Video Studio 11.5
Sony Vegas 9 Platinum










Full Name: Yuquan Chen
English Name: Sabrina
Height: 160 cm
Date of Birth: June 24th
Educations: BS in Chemistry (USTC. Hefei, China)
Professional Careers: Sybase & Oracle DBA
Chinese Zodiac: Snake
Constellation: Cancer
Origin: Xingtai, Herbei Province
Birth Place: Lanzhou, China
Family Members: Mother, Brother and Sisters
Favorite Ways of Entertaining: Singing, Piano Playing
Favorite Film(s): 《Gone with the Wind》, 《Roman Holiday》
Favorite Actor(s): Harrison Ford, Clark Gable, Honglei Sun
Favorite Actress(es): Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh
Favorite Movie Type(s): Emotional, love film
Favorite Book(s): Gone with the Wind
Favorite Music: Classic, Jazz
Favorite Song(s): 《Drought》, 《Memories in the Snow Days》
Favorite Singer(s): Teresa Teng, Celine Dion, Luciano Pavarotti
Favorite Animal(s): Cats & Dogs
Favorite Fashion Style(s): Classic

Music, Ice Skating, Swimming

Favorite Food(s): Cold Tossed Vegetables
Favorite Tastes of Food: Sour, Spicy
Favorite Fruit(s): Orange, Nectarine
Favorite Country: Singapore,Netherland
Most Hated Thing(s): Be Cheated, Be Manipulated
Ideal Place for Vacation: France
Favorite Color(s): Green
Favorite Hair Style: Long, Straight, Dark Hair
Beauty Tips: Get enough sleep; apply light makeup


Sabrina Chen