Yuquan Chen

Welcome to my personal site for photos, recordings, and blog posts


Hello, this is Yuquan (Sabrina) Chen. Thank you very much for visiting my website!

I'm passionate about singing; It's been a major part of my life. Since I was young, I've been especially fond of the artist Teresa Teng (Deng, Lijun 邓丽君). I mostly sang her songs until I met my singing coach, James Sia, at the beginning of 2012, who changed how I sang. After some limited training with him, I began developing my own style of singing.

You can read more about me in my bio. Feel free to navigate the site and browse my fashion photography, recordings, videos, and more.

This new 2023 version of my website was designed and implmeneted by my daughter Xuan Chau , who is a professional software engineer and illustrator. I could not have done this without her help!